Saturday, July 5, 2014

DIY Flamingo Straws


Wouldn't these be perfect for a 40th birthday party, or a kids' pool party?!  A while back, I made some swan straws for Shop Sweet Lulu, and they really resembled flamingos, only I needed pink glitter, feathers, and straws.  I thought I would be so clever, and just have another blog post handy someday...but all of you creative folks outsmarted me, and pinned the swan straws to your flamingo boards!  Well, here you go...I made them anyway!

Just use my swan straw tutorial, and buy everything in pink!


Hobby Lobby - glitter (raspberry iris), feathers, pipe cleaners, 1.5" Styrofoam balls
Shop Sweet Lulu - stripey paper straws

I used pipe cleaners from Shop Sweet Lulu for the swan straws, and I just have to say that they are SO much better...much more full, and plush!  I never thought I would be raving about pipe cleaners!