Saturday, July 5, 2014

DIY Flamingo Straws


Wouldn't these be perfect for a 40th birthday party, or a kids' pool party?!  A while back, I made some swan straws for Shop Sweet Lulu, and they really resembled flamingos, only I needed pink glitter, feathers, and straws.  I thought I would be so clever, and just have another blog post handy someday...but all of you creative folks outsmarted me, and pinned the swan straws to your flamingo boards!  Well, here you go...I made them anyway!

Just use my swan straw tutorial, and buy everything in pink!


Hobby Lobby - glitter (raspberry iris), feathers, pipe cleaners, 1.5" Styrofoam balls
Shop Sweet Lulu - stripey paper straws

I used pipe cleaners from Shop Sweet Lulu for the swan straws, and I just have to say that they are SO much better...much more full, and plush!  I never thought I would be raving about pipe cleaners!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

DIY Lucky Charm Kabobs

If you have not been successful in trapping a leprechaun, then perhaps you haven't been using the proper bait!  Leprechauns LOVE lucky charms, and I guarantee these mini kabobs will attract the little stinkers from miles away.  My daughter builds a trap every year, and writes a note to "Lenny" the leprechaun, and he always leaves something a box of lucky charms, or some chocolate gold coins.  I thought he might enjoy some special kabob treats this year.  You know, cookies for Santa...kabobs for leprechauns!  These would also make the perfect addition to your kids' lunches on St. Paddy's Day!

If you want to attract your own little Leprechauns, here's what you'll need...

lucky charm marshmallows
washi tape

1.  Microwave your lucky charm marshmallows for 15-20 seconds.  Only do a few at a time, or they will harden before you have them all on toothpicks.

2.  After microwaving, immediately insert a toothpick through 3 marshmallows, leaving a gap at the top for your washi tape flag.

3.  Take about a 2 inch strip of washi tape, and cut it in half (hot dog style), so you have two skinnier strips.

4.  Fold one strip in half over the top of your toothpick (hamburger style), and seal together.

5.  Cut a tiny triangle at the end of the washi tape, starting in each corner, and meeting in the middle. 

Now you have a tasty little St. Patrick's Day treat!  Happy St. Paddy's Day!!!

washi tape, mini cards & envelopes - Target dollar bins
chocolate gold coins - Five Below

Friday, February 28, 2014

Snow Cloud Hot Cocoa Bar

I don't know about you, but I am desperately longing for some signs of Spring!  You know what they say..."when life throws you snow, have a hot cocoa party!" (or something like that).

Well, several months ago, I was working on a little project, and let's just say it was starting to look like Uncle Knit Knot's office...totally lacking color!  I needed a quick solution that wouldn't involve a paintbrush.  I was loving the geometric trend, so I was thinking hexagons, but needed to figure out how to accomplish the look.  Aha!  SCRAPBOOK PAPER!!!  There are so many interesting colors and designs available these days, and my sweet friends at Shop Sweet Lulu are offering a beautiful selection in their shop!   

I am obsessed with clouds at the moment.  Rain clouds and sunshine just didn't seem appropriate with the amount of snow we are expecting this weekend, so we're going with "snow clouds"!  This would be perfect for a little hot cocoa gathering to finish out your winter activities!
To make your clouds, you will need...
scrapbook paper
painter's tape
1.  Google "hexagon template", and choose a hexagon to print.  You may even want to copy and paste one into Word, and shrink or enlarge to get your ideal size.
2.  Trace the hexagon onto the BACK of each piece of scrapbook paper.  With the size of my hexagon, I was able to fit three to a sheet.  Cut 'em out!
3.  If you want to come up with your own design, I would recommend arranging your hexagons on the floor before applying them to the wall.  Once you are happy with your arrangement, take a photo to refer to when taping them up.
4.  To make the clouds, I would still recommend working on the floor first, arranging 5 hexagons in the bottom row, 6 in the second row, 5 in the 3rd row, and 2 on top as seen in the photo.  START AT THE BOTTOM and work up. 
5.  To make the smaller cloud, arrange 3 on the bottom row, 4 in the middle, and 3 on top.  (3,4,3) 
6.  Roll up a small piece of painter's tape for the back of each hexagon, and measure (or eyeball) how high you would like to start your cloud from your table surface. 
7.  Begin taping your hexagons to the wall, starting with the bottom row, and from the right to the left (assuming you are creating my same design).  If you are feeling like a perfectionist, then you may measure each piece from the table top...but I just eyeballed the distance, and adjusted when necessary.  Once you have your first row up, the rest of it will fall into place!
8.  Basically, copy the placement of the hexagons in the photo, and guesstimate the location of your second (smaller) cloud.  It is easy to re-arrange your pieces. 
9.  Once your clouds are hanging, you may add extra tape to any pieces that are not cooperating to lay flat!
10.  Add some 3D snowflakes, tissue decorations, or raindrops (in the spring!) by hanging them from the ceiling with a thumbtack and fishing line.  I created my table for a small gathering of sledders, with hot cocoa and snowball stir sticks, "snowball" donut holes, peppermint sticks, and some small boxes of handwarmers.
Happy (end of) Winter!
Scrapbook paper:  Shop Sweet Lulu
Gold paper straws:  Target -- other colors available at Shop Sweet Lulu
Snowflakes: retail display
Tissue confetti:  Party City

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Queen of Hearts

In Elementary school, there was a party for EVERY occasion - back in the day.  Now the kids get a Winter Party, and Earth Day.  WHAAAT?!!!  I love my tree-hugging friends, but Earth Day over Valentine's?!  I was soooo disappointed, so we decided to throw our own little "love day" celebration!  My daughter invited ten friends to come over for some crafting, games, and cupcake decorating, and I think I will be cleaning up sprinkles for months...but it was well worth the mess!!!


Target:  pink glitter plasticware, fortune cookie erasers, heart straws, mini honeycomb balls, sprinkle washi tape, heart wrapping paper for crowns

Hobby Lobby:  red polka dot favor bags

Michael's:  heart boxes, lip whistles, photo booth props (unfinished)

Crown template - MAKERLAND

PS I still have intentions of getting some "kitty party" tutorials up, so I apologize for slacking.  I won't make any more promises I can't keep...I promise!!!